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    Post by RAZIELLE ALEXIS on Sat Jan 11, 2014 7:39 pm

    Panic park was made by the horror and helped by the ghouls.

    This place look nice form out side but beware you will never know what is inside.

    The borrows made this place to scare people off.

    The check in time is 7:00 as usual but the horror never knew the check time cause no one checked out.

    Way inside is very scary. Many people was lost in the park. You may say parks are for kids.

    But you are wrong.

    Inside there are many places like marry go around, slides, sinking sand of quick sand.

    Welcome any new guests.

    The rules are simple, Shout like you are mad. Cry for help.

    Isn't this amazing?

    Isn't it easy?

    As normal there are different rules for places.

    In the quick sand beach you must wear any kind of socks.

    There is a shop near the beach.

    Make sure you enter the shop.

    But please Don't bring any dogs or believe in any rumors.

    Remember! If the dog is afraid of wavy plat forms.

    And most importantly they hire new staff.

    You know, to scare the people around.

    If any thing good happens please inform the police station which is called keep you unsafe force.

    They wore their uniform since 100 year back.

    Easy as a piece of cake. Come in. You are most welcome.

    Join them! Have fun!

    But please don't spread rumors. They beg of you. Oh yeah! If you are strong enough. Hope you enjoyed. Next is the the exit gate which vanished.

    How can you go? How will you go? If you have strength join them. They wyll give warm welcome you.

    Note: If you are not intelligent enough please don't get in. They loves to test your inteligence. Your power is not enough if you want to getin here.

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