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    Post by RAZIELLE ALEXIS on Sat Dec 12, 2015 9:24 pm

    Strea, a world that has existed for a long time and perished by the hands of its own habitual, a.k.a. humans, because of advanced technology and experimentation. Now, year 2290 AD, only a few nations that were left can be seen on the surface. The survivors evolved because of the harsh environment and they started building new foundations, gaining new power, knowledge and finding new species; vampires, werewolves, elves, demons, angels, animal people, beasts, and blooming on its way. The peace did not last much long until conflicts started to happen between the races.

    The humans started to hate every other race, as they were different. Demons and Angels started to fight. Vampires and Elves seem like they get along, but both are just in it for the power that each of them can bring to the other, while the Beasts and Animal people are against them.

    Strea was re-built again to make everyone get along. Every place in Strea was made in a way each race could interact each other. A king and a queen was selected with much thought. None of the citizens know which race the royalty came from. And it was kept a secret to keep conflict from happening. They are supposed to keep the peace and monitor everyone.

    Within the process, Strea was attacked by an unknown species. To exterminate these species, quests were made and guilds were born. The king and the queen started to give gifts to groups/guilds who complete the quests. But the guilds are not to be made just from one race, creatures from different races must come together to form one.

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