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    Post by RAZIELLE ALEXIS on Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:28 pm


    1. Respect all members of the forum.
    Respect is an indispensable thing. Even if your partner is not facing you, it does not relieve you of the responsibility to be respectful towards them. Defamatory, racist, sexual and other breaches of the code of ethics will be severely punished.

    2. Your Avatar must be the appearance of your character.
    In order to not distort the pages for all players, the maximum size for avatars is set at 150 pixels width and 250 pixels height. You man use your own drawn picture of your character or you can use a picture of an existing character in the anime.

    3.User name must be the full name of the character.
    The username must match your character's full name. Not the alias, the actual name of the character. Every account has an unique face claim, this can not be changed later on so pick your appearance wisely. A member is allowed maximum 2 characters, but each character requires a separate account. When a character dies the account will get locked.

    4.No double posting.

    5.Do not use cussing or bad words.
    The administration reserves the right to ban any person who engage in such acts on the spot.

    6.In combat.
    It is not important to win constantly. Defeat is an integral part of any character. Meta-gaming and god-modding is not allowed. Try to be mature.

    7. If you want to leave the forum, don’t delete your account.
    If you delete your account when you leave the forum. You will never be able to join in the forum again.  You will be banned forever.

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